FULLY BOOKED! Print and Repeat

With Monika Lukowska

The fast and fun world of screenprinting is opened up to you in this morning spent getting to grips with the Beau Est Mien proclaimed ‘messiest method of printing’. There’s nothing delicate, intricate and time consuming about exposure screen printing, it’s about designing beautiful patterns or pictures and then being able to quickly produce a run of prints on fabric, paper or any flat surface. We’ll take your designs and transfer them to a silkscreen by exposing light sensitive emulsion in a darkroom. This allows for any design to be transferred without having to lift a pencil and do any freehand drawing (which often makes people nervous)! Then we will show you the best inks and equipment to use and begin printing your images. You’ll be taking home a fantastic array of works from printed images to printed fabric ready for at-home projects or simply to proudly hang on the wall. Use your newfound knowledge to create runs of printed fabric, printed t-shirts and tea towels or perhaps paper works like stationery and artwork for the wall. There’s no theme for this workshop, so gather around you the images which speak to your heart.

Stencil Screenprinting allows you to use photographic, digital and hand drawn imagery and create detailed designs with crisp edges. It is a fun, fast and messy process with seemingly endless variety in its application. It is commonly used in industry for printing onto clothing but has retained its value as a fine art medium making it an interesting and unlimited printmaking process. You can simply bring anything that might inspire your prints: photographs, inspiring images or even some bits and bobs collected on your way into the studio make great inspiration! As with all of our workshops, all materials are provided.
Exposure Screen printing certainly doesn’t rely on accurate drawing skills. This process is about imagery, composition, colour, texture and layering and can be as abstract or figurative as you like. We believe in the magic of printmaking – whatever your drawing skill, creative experience or confidence level, something incredible happens when you pull your ink over that screen and reveal your print underneath. We can guarantee that you will be amazed at the art you produce.


Adults workshop, $200/per person including all materials,
Sunday 20th August 2017, 9:30am - 1:30pm
Fully booked!

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