Botanical Wildflower Plastic Drypoint


Bring along images of the flowers that inspire you to this plastic drypoint workshop and we’ll show you how to turn your most loved blooms into beautiful prints. Learn how to turn a simple piece of plastic into a printing plate to build up unique and intricate artwork specific to the plants you hold closest to your heart through the process of etching and inking. We can guarantee you’ll love this simple, expressive process.

What is plastic drypoint?

Plastic dry point is a beautiful printmaking process which involves using a sharp etching tool to scratch your floral design into the surface of a piece of perspex plastic. From there, you will learn how to choose inks, ink up your plate and print your design through the printing presses we have at the studio. Once you have printed your design you can experiment with colouring and layering to create a unique run of limited edition prints.

What happens in the workshop?

This workshop is all about your favourite wildflowers. In one day you will learn how to draw out your design and transfer it onto your printing plate, ink up your plate and print a limited edition run of unique artworks. We will start off with the basics of dry-point printing, learning about the fundamentals of a good design, and how to work with the inspiring image you bring along. We will then look at the process of etching and inking to help you to achieve good results from the beginning. You will have plenty of time to print your plates and understand the fundamentals of the medium allowing you to return to it in an extensive workshop or make your own way in a personal project under the guidance of a teacher on one of our studio access days.

What Do I Need to Bring?

You simply need some images to inspire you! As with all Beau Est Mien workshops, everything is included so you can just turn up and enjoy your workshop.

What if I can’t draw or I’ve never printed before?

Dry point is a favourite with beginner printmakers. Whatever your level of creative experience or perceived skill, drypoint has you covered! We can show you how to use an existing image and transfer that design to your plate or you can choose to draw freehand if you prefer. The beauty of plastic drypoint is its sketchy, rough quality which transforms even the most basic line drawing into something beautiful. We believe in the magic of printmaking – whatever your drawing skill, creative experience or confidence level, something incredible happens when you pull your plate through those rollers and reveal your print at the other side. We can guarantee that you will be amazed at the art you produce. Once you have done this workshop, you will be experienced enough to begin your own project and come back to a studio access day to print your work under the guidance of your teacher.

Adults workshop, $165/per person including all materials,
Sunday 4th February 2018, 9.30am - 1.00pm
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